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Chess Saga - Case Study

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Chess Saga

CHESS-SaGa has been at the fore-front to revolutionize the way chess is taught, to help both boys and girls win at their games as well as their lives. To improve their online presence & ROI, they partnered with Zinetgo in 2019.

Working together they aimed to reach four key goals.

  • Create a new website that would be both functional and memorable

  • Increase brand awareness & increase traffic to the new website

  • Lead Generation and increase ROI.


Their academy had a simple website which was not enough to attract customers. They were champions in their field but their online presence were very low. They wanted to get on the top of google search by conquering from the competitors, that's where they met with Zinetgo their Digital Partner in 2019.


Once they partnered with Zinetgo. The main goals set by Zinetgo after the meetings with CHESS-SaGa team, were to create a functional and memorable website & to achieve CHESS-SaGa's SEO & social media goals.


Since Zinetgo created a brand-new website and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. 90% targeted keywords are now ranking on Google first page & 100% Increase in leads, quarter on quarter. To date, SEO has successfully attracted the calibre of new customer and brand awareness they desired.